And so it begins…

When I first found out I was pregnant, I did what any other A-type would do: I rushed to the computer and spent the next 3 hours researching everything that I could possibly want to know about surviving pregnancy, labour, and recovery. Over the coming weeks, I made lists, subscribed to blogs and newsletters, and then did even more research. I’d like to say that I mellowed out after a few months, but my research efforts just shifted gears and became focused on what we should put on the baby registry, or on what we would need to survive the first few weeks with the baby, or even on what kind of stroller we should have. I was relentless. One day, my best friend called me up to pick my brain on behalf of some friends that were expecting and said “You know, you should just start a blog about this stuff. That way, you can keep track of it all in one place and save the rest of us from having to do research when we have our own kids. Seriously.”

It was an awesome idea. Mostly because it helped me to rationalize the obscene number of hours that I spent researching all things baby. And I meant to start one right away, I really did. But then the morning sickness kicked in and things got delayed. And then the sleepless nights and brain fog that come with pregnancy delayed it even more. And suddenly, as it always happens when kids are involved, I opened my eyes one morning and realized that I had a 5-month old. (Seriously, HOW does that happen??) So, here I am, finally sitting down to get things going. I know that there will be more bumps in the road – and, with them, many more excuses to put this off – but my brain is finally semi-functional again so I’d like to get it all down before it slips away for good.

Things are a bit different now, of course, as I’ve moved beyond pure research and now have experiences to share too. That said, however, my experience as a mom has been greatly influenced by other aspects of who I was before I became Mama Bear and by the personality of my little Baby Bee. So I am in no way an expert on-all-things mom and recognize that every Mama and baby share a unique relationship. Instead, it’s simply my hope to share some of my personal experiences as a new Mama, ranging from trying to raise a baby in an environmentally conscious way, to staying on budget, to enjoying the everyday moments in between (because they really are the best part). Along the way, I also want to share a bit about myself, where I’m from, the things that I love, and where I hope to go in this amazing life.

So, there you have it! I hope you learn a little, smile a lot, and – if nothing else – I hope it reinforces that we’re all in this together. Believe me, we’ve all lost sleep over things like which crib mattress to buy (organic? latex? 2-in-1? HOW can it be so complicated??), the dust piling up on the unvacuumed floors, and whether we’re ever going to get to spend time with our significant others again. And, in a moment of stillness, we’ve also all looked at our little sleeping bundles of joy and thought “My God, how could I have been so lucky? Why on earth did you pick me?”


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